What Happens When the Other Driver Has no Insurance?

What Happens When the Other Driver Has no Insurance

Car accidents happen on our roadways every day, and most of the time, the damages are covered by your own insurance company.  However, if another driver or the accident hit you is their fault, then it is their insurance that is responsible for paying the claims.  What happens when the other driver has no insurance?  This can be a huge problem, especially if you have been injured and your car is no longer driveable.  Let’s look at what can happen in this situation.

Uninsured Drivers

Bear in mind that not every state will require you to carry motor vehicle insurance, but for the sake of example, we will discuss the situation where insurance is mandatory.  There are still plenty of drivers that don’t have sufficient liability insurance for their vehicles.  They still get into car accidents, but now they are personally liable for vehicle repairs, medical expenses, hospital stays along with car rentals.  Not only are they financially responsible for your losses, but they can also be in legal hot water for not having insurance.  They can face fines, license suspensions, and criminal charges for the accident.  Here is a look at what happens when you drive without insurance.


Leaving the Scene of the Accident

Far too often, the driver who caused the accident and has no insurance will choose to flee the scene rather than take responsibility for the damage they have created.  If this happens to you, then you need to make a police report immediately.  It will be up to the police to track them down and charge them for the damage and fleeing the scene.  If they aren’t caught, then it will be up to your insurance company to pay for the damages incurred for all involved in the accident.

No One Has Insurance

In the case of the states that do not require you to have at least a liability policy for your car and two uninsured drivers get into an accident then it will be up to you to take the at-fault driver to court to recover your costs.  If the other person flees the scene or has no income or assets of their own, then you are left to pay for all damages on your own.  This is why you should have insurance even when it is not required and have a good auto accident lawyer to fight in your corner.